Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The last issue of the LetterPost for THIS year has gone into the mail and I hear that they are arriving safely at their destinations. If you got a little blue Post-It note on your Zine or a note on the back of the envelope, you might have received your last issue EVER! So don't forget to Renew your subscription, if you'd like. Once again, you can pay with a credit card through PayPal or you can mail us a check. I am requesting for jackbear's sanity that if you are renewing for another 4 issues, if you could enter the word "Renewal" in the box that asks, "If you've ordered back issues, which ones would you like?" Rather than set up a whole new document, we'll just use that box. (I figure if you're renewing then you aren't getting any back issues...)

A subscription consists of 4 consecutive issues. So whenever you get your renewal note (I do try to send a reminder for anyone who's on their last issue), you can renew and continue to receive the Zine without interruption. If you've submitted material to us, though, you may have extra issues attached to your subscription. If you ever have any questions regarding how many issues you have left, you can e-mail us and we'll be happy to let you know your subscription status.

I will be updating the Submissions page and the Covers page here at the blog, hopefully, before the end of the year. All themes and deadlines will be listed on the Submissions page and all available back issues will be pictured on the Covers page. If you see the SOLD OUT below any cover photos, then that means I am no longer printing that issue. Sorry, you missed it! At some point, I may reprint some interesting stuff from those issues into a "BEST OF" issue but I'm no where near having enough material for that. But it's an idea for the future.

Thanks for your support and patience this past year.
Happy Holidays to everyone and we'll see you next year!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Deadline Moved Back

Keep those submissions coming for the upcoming issue: "A Good Book". Anything dealing with books, authors, characters, book cover art...all that snuggly good, hot cocoa kind of stuff.

I am already putting the deadline for this issue back to Dec 1. I just know my life is gonna be crazy in the upcoming weeks but after the Thanksgiving Holiday, it's sure to quiet down enough for me to devote some quality time to this issue.

So the NEW DEADLINE for the next issue is DEC 1.
Send me photos as well of that logbook you're so proud of! Logbooks are books, too! Share them! Also looking for Trailname Defined, which I haven't included in an issue in a while. Just write up the little story of how you came by your trailname and discovered letterboxing! It's just your little introduction to fellow letterboxers. And include a photo of your signature stamp; it's that easy.

I'll also be including the themes for next year's issues. Jackbear and I had a great brainstorming session about next year's themes. Unfortunately, we brainstormed over lunch on our trip over to Maine for the Steampunk Halloween Event, so I forgot exactly what we talked about over that lunch! I remember two of them pretty well but have totally blanked on the rest. (I really need to put a notepad and pen in my purse!) So if you've got a cool theme idea that lends itself to great stamp images and article ideas, pass it along.

For all the great submissions I've gotten so far, Thanks! I can always use a few more!

BTW: I had no submissions/guesses on the Autumn Mystery so I'll be revealing that answer as well in the issue (if there is room) or on this blog (if there isn't room in the issue).

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Inbox

I was delighted to see some submissions in our inbox for the next issue: A Good Book! Please send in more! Books are popular themes in letterboxing and I'd love to have a variety of genres represented. Stamps of book covers or characters or just an interpretation of the title. Send a submission and get a FREE copy of the Zine! (If you have a current subscription, we add an extra issue to your subscription run.) For submission details, see our link on the left. Want to subscribe? Info on left as well...we take Paypal but if you want to send a check, just mark that box and jackbear will get in contact with you to provide an address.

One thing I didn't see in our Inbox was any guesses to the Autumn Whodunit in our most current issue. Deadlines for guesses are November 1. If you get down to the wire and don't know how to figure it out, take a guess! All the suspects are listed and you've got a 1 in 9 chance to get it right, right? BUT if you are struggling with it, here's a hint or two:
1. Some clues are in code. (I think they are pretty straightforward simple type codes. Just remember I'm lazy and don't like to think too hard.)
2. Clues may not be the suspects name but rather a description of their job or claim to fame.
3. There are 8 clues hidden in the issue and the one suspect not mentioned is the Murderer. That's the name you need to provide to us here at the LetterPost.
4. There are no clues hidden on the covers.

I may drop another hint or two as the deadline rolls around. Be sure to e-mail us your guess. Don't respond by commenting here.
Remember, I'm giving away a prize for the first one with a correct guess and a prize drawing for the rest of the correct guesses.

While I'm at the Inbox, feel free to suggest some themes for next year, if you have any. We love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks, Wyvern

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Issue #7 Mystery

I'm so relieved to finally have this issue completed! I don't know how the time got away from me and this Mystery just screwed up my brain cells. But it looks pretty fine, if I do say so myself. So I hope the delay will be worth it!

There is a mystery to solve within the pages so be sure to stay sharp. Those who e-mail us a correct Suspect by the deadline will be entered into a prize drawing. I'll draw two names and each will get a FREE Subscription to the LetterPost! That means the winners will be all set for another 4 issues! (tacked onto what you may already have) I'm also looking into sending the winners a little something, like carving material, gauges, pre-cut LTCs, bubble mailers, ink pads, etc. So be sure to get working on the mystery and send us your guess! Only one guess per letterboxer so make it count!

The issue is completed and will go to be copied Tuesday. They should all be in the mail by the end of the week, Sept. 21.

Thanks for your patience! Be sure to send us something for the next issue. Issue #8 is A Good Book.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mailing It!

The special LTC edition of the LetterPost will be in the mail tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24th. Start the Mailbox Watch!

I've also got 8 extra copies of this special edition. If anyone you know is thinking of subscribing, tell them not to wait too long! The newest subscribers will get one of these copies as a bonus!

And remember our next two issues are Mystery: Due Date of Aug 24, and A Good Book: Due Nov. 21.

If the world doesn't end, the themes for next year's LetterPost will be announced in the Winter Issue (A Good Book). If you have any suggestions, just drop us a line. So far I'm determined to make one of them "Small Things" and have a shout out to Inchies, small carvings, and small letterboxes/containers.

jackbear and I always love to hear from you, no matter the subject!
Thanks, all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working it!

I've had an amazing response to the LTC Special Edition of the LetterPost. Always room for more, if you've still got a project you wanted to get in. But I'll be editing up this Special Edition hopefully this Sunday and early next week. My goal is to get it to the copy place by next Friday. Thanks to everyone who's submitted so far. I'm trying to use at least one of everyone's cards that you've sent in. I'm even seeing some submissions that will work for future issues and will save them for later!

Speaking of future issues, don't forget that our regular Autumn Issue has a deadline of August 24th. Yup! The end of August! Send me your Suspects for a Mysterious LetterPost issue. Also looking for a volunteer to do "Trailname Defined"'s easy; just tell me why your trailname is what it is! And don't forget to send a photo of your sig stamp as well. If I've got room, I can always put in more than one! Want to share any mysterious letterboxes? I may be sharing a story about one of my retired mystery boxes; care to join me? I'm planning a few hints and tips about organizing a Night Box series or event as I've been known to do one or two in my area with success. If you've got anything to share on that front, pass it along. jackbear may also be adding in a carving article with tips and tricks for getting those faces to come out "just right".

So hey, the Autumn Issue is setting up to be Jam-packed with goodness! Did I mention the Mystery to be solved? (Prizes may be involved!) I'm almost as excited about this issue as I am about the LTC Edition!!!
(Insert squeal of excitement here!)

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Special LTC Edition

I'd love to see the submissions come rolling on in for our Special Edition of the LetterPost dedicated exclusively to LTCs (Letterboxer Trading Cards)! I have a daring plan and not a whole lot of time to bring it all together but I'm excited about it! When I get excited about it, I MAKE time to get things done!

The special edition will be the same format as the regular Zine but I want PHOTOS!!! The front and back cover will be plastered with LTC images! There's no theme other than LTCs. If I get a lot of submissions, the inside front and back cover will also showcase LTC photos. So those are the covers...

On the inside, the meat of the issue is focused on techniques, stories, and links. I will try to assemble a nice hard copy version of the websites that may be useful to LTC creators. While these sites are accessed pretty easily through the FB page or other sources, I thought a Go-To list of Links would be nice to add (and Kurious Jo suggested it). I'll be checking the FB page first and going back through my bookmarks as well. It will by no means be THE list, but it might be interesting to check out. If anyone has an up-to-date blog that isn't on my radar, just send me the link and I'll try to add it to the list.

I would like to have you all share some of your tried and true, or experimental techniques for making awesome effects and cards. Or just tell me the story behind the card...remember that show on VH1...Behind the Music? Share some of your stories of how a card came to look the way it did. Disasters or A-ha moments. I'd even take a few little lines about why you make LTCs, what is it about them that keeps your interest? Share a LTC photo and a little story to inspire others.

Oh, and did I mention that the special edition will be FULL color. Yup, I want those LTCs to be viewed in their full spectrum glory! So don't skimp on those colorful cards! The other thing I plan is a full-sized LTC of my own making featured on the back cover. You can leave it on the cover or cut it out to add to your albums. It will be a legit LTC listed on AQ and everything. Yup, even hand-stamped. A Wyvern Card to add to your collection.

So from the description above, you can see that I'm in need of submissions; lots of submissions! We don't have a whole lotta time because I'm making the VERY FINAL DEADLINE: JULY 15th. I'm giving preference to our Current Subscribers, but ANYONE can submit something for the issue. I just mean that if I happen to run out of room (that hasn't happened to me yet!), those that get cut will be those who aren't current subscribers. (If you're not a current subscriber, I'll still send you a copy of the Zine without charge! Make sure you include your mailing address.)

So in a nutshell, here's what I need:
*Photos of completed LTCs in jpg files with a good enough resolution to possibly be resized. Color preferred. The less cropping I have to do, the better. No stories, or written material to accompany. These will just appear on covers and you will receive credit within the issue. Please include the Title of the LTC, the date it was made (if known), and it's current status; retired, active, etc.

 *Photos of completed LTCs as above but WITH a story, or how-to technique, or other information about the card. Photos will appear on the inside pages with your accompanying text. (If you're not comfortable writing text, don't worry I can help you with it. I double check spelling and stuff!) Include the above information as well.

*Links. If you have a link that you'd like to share in the list, that isn't listed on the FB group or AQ, just send that along and I'll try to get it in there if space permits.

All submissions may be sent to our e-mail:
Please put "LTC Edition Submission" in your title. I would LOVE for the submitted photos to be ones that aren't already posted to a website or shared in an AQ album but that's just a guideline. As well, I don't want any that may have already been submitted to the LetterPost. I'm not saying they have to be NEW, I'd love photos of retired LTCs and those that were made before LTCs became a "Big Thing". :) I just want them to be SPECIAL.

 Remember that the photos you submit must be of YOUR OWN creations. If you didn't make the LTC, I will not accept the submission. To clarify, if you made a card using a stamp you didn't carve, it's OKAY to submit. Just make a note of that in the info. In Conclusion: Remember to have your submissions to me by JULY 15th. I'm going to try to get the Special Edition out to you in a week or so from that, definitely before August. It's all about LTCs, in Full Color! Share your stuff!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Issue #6: Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm working on assembling the Summer Edition of the LetterPost and am shooting to have them in the mail by Friday! Whoopee! Be watching for your copy next week sometime. Be sure to give us your feedback, if you feel moved to do so. Leave a comment here on the blog or shoot us an e-mail. jackbear and I do try to take all your suggestions and comments to heart. We're pretty thick-skinned so feel free to shoot straight. (hmm, I wonder if I'll regret saying that later...) :) I wanted this issue to be a bit bigger than last but I didn't get the number of submissions I would have liked. As well, I got bogged down in my day job (which was unexpected) and wasn't really able to drum up last minute support. I hope to make it up to all our subscribers with a special edition LetterPost this summer dedicated to LTCs. That will, of course, depend on interest. If it does come together, our current subscribers do not need to do anything. I'll ship it to you as a bonus. As always, keep in mind when you carve or create to maybe take a photo or two. I'd love to see what everyone is doing in the letterboxing world. I'd love to share that with our readers as well. The LetterPost is a zine dedicated to the creative side of letterboxing and while non-traditional forms are focused on, unique boxes planted out there in the wild with crazy clues are no less important to the zine. Stories and photos are welcomed at any time for future issues. jackbear and I thank you for your continued support. Wyvern

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the Mail

Issue Number 5 is in the mail! Enjoy!

A spoiler of the LTC for those who contributed a photo/picture to the issue!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growth Issue to Copy Shop

Our fifth issue is on the way to the Copy Place! That means that copies will be mailed out by the end of this week!
Personally, I like the way the issue turned out. We had some great submissions. I tried to stuff as much as I could in there but ran out of room really quickly.
Thanks also for everyone who's been sending us ideas for future issues. I'm hoping to use some more of your suggestions!

Be watching for the new issue soon!

UPDATE: If you haven't noticed that we added a new page to the blog, check out the Cover Photos at the left. jackbear took a photo of all our covers so far. If anyone needs to order back issues, this is the place to see if it's still available. I'm no longer printing our First Issue: Evergreen. I did up three copies for requests/mistakes, and had a horrible time printing them. The First Issue will no longer be it should be, I think. It really was in the "working" phase and we've grown since that! We'll keep that page updated as well!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Issue #5: Growth

There's still plenty of time to submit a photo imaage for the LetterPost!
Our theme is GROWTH. Green and growing things or how you've grown as a letterboxer. Perhaps, a then and now look like here's the stamp I carved at first and here's how I'm carving now! Stand up, be proud of your carvings. We accept all skill levels! I always need photos! (Let's face it: they are the best part!)Spring flowers or gardening stamps; they fit! A bird on her nest because babies gotta fly away someday after they GROW a bit. Think Spring!

Submit to our e-mail account as jpg files:
Remember to tell me the title of the stamp and your trailname!

So far I have a Quarterly Carver lined up, a Trailname Defined, and a few photos. Remember a photo submission earns you a FREE issue. Keep submitting and you don't ever pay for a copy...really, you won't. Did I mention that we need the material? Just get it to me by the deadline: February 23. (And if you want to check out our upcoming issue themes, they are listed under Submissions on the left. Scroll down to the bottom to see them and their due dates!)

And don't forget that if you do need to renew that subscription, you can click on our Subscription link on the left bar. We accept payment via PayPal but if you want to send us a check that is AOK with us. We only charge for printing costs, envelopes, and postage.

Thanks so much!