Monday, July 23, 2012

Mailing It!

The special LTC edition of the LetterPost will be in the mail tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24th. Start the Mailbox Watch!

I've also got 8 extra copies of this special edition. If anyone you know is thinking of subscribing, tell them not to wait too long! The newest subscribers will get one of these copies as a bonus!

And remember our next two issues are Mystery: Due Date of Aug 24, and A Good Book: Due Nov. 21.

If the world doesn't end, the themes for next year's LetterPost will be announced in the Winter Issue (A Good Book). If you have any suggestions, just drop us a line. So far I'm determined to make one of them "Small Things" and have a shout out to Inchies, small carvings, and small letterboxes/containers.

jackbear and I always love to hear from you, no matter the subject!
Thanks, all!


  1. Just got my issue!!!! So great! I love all the LTC's! So many talented folks out there! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just subscribed! Can't wait, this zine looks like the aspects of letterboxing that got me hooked in the first place!! I'll be looking forward to seeing it! Thanks!

    helms2049 (aka Kim in Iowa)