Sunday, May 12, 2013

Searching for the Summer (Edition)

Once again, it's time to put out another LetterPost edition. Our Summer Edition is centered around Letterboxing Events and Gatherings! Our theme is Eventful and we'd love to see your former Event Stamps featured in our issue. Have you made an LTC specific to an event? Pass along a photo to share! Share your stories of your first event, or some of the great mysteries that you discovered at a Letterboxing event. Let's talk about the many themes for events. We're looking for a few articles and lots of stamp image photos! Traveling Event Stamp? Snap a photo and send it along!

Submit all photos (jpg files preferred) or articles to our e-mail:
Please be sure to include your trailname and mailing address in the e-mail so we can be sure you receive your FREE ISSUE for helping us out!

Pay Per Issue
For those of you who are currently subscribed to the LetterPost, this information will affect you when your subscription runs out. I always put a warning label on the outside mailing envelope of the LAST ISSUE you will receive.

As announced last issue, we are switching our output after the end of this year. So we only have three more issues to go on a steady schedule with themes. Next year, we will be putting out the LetterPost whenever we can and submissions will be announced through this blog and the customary Letterboxing forums.

If your subscription has run-out, the only way for you to purchase the LetterPost will be issue by issue through my Etsy site.

Just go to this site, find the listing for the LetterPost and it's most recent edition (Summer 2013). Place it in your shopping cart and you will be directed through the payment process. I haven't listed it yet as the issue will not be available until June. When I have it done, the listing will appear and ordering may commence.

IF you do not like to purchase things on-line and would prefer to pay by check, please contact us at our above e-mail for a mailing address. We will mail out your issue when we receive your check.

jackbear and I have never done this for any sort of profit so we only need to cover the costs of printing and mailing. The price for each issue of the LetterPost will be $3.50 per issue. We still offer A FREE ISSUE to anyone who contributes a stamp image or article or story to the issue! We charge you nothing if you share with us your artwork and creativity. So if you think about it, if you contribute to every issue, you will never have to pay us for it. You will receive each edition free.

Our Purpose
Our purpose remains. We are a Zine that is dedicated to the creativity of Letterboxing and we focus on Non-traditional forms. We believe that a letterbox is not just a container, nor a stamp, nor a logbook. It's not any one thing but all those things; each as important as the other. We feel that quality boxes can still be found and can still be made. It doesn't matter how they are shared, so long as they are. We focus on the little bits and pieces but we try not to lose track of the whole picture.

As the LetterPost transforms over the next 7 months, please share your little corner of the boxing world with us. Thank you once again for your continued support.