Friday, September 2, 2011

Next Issue Due out Soon

I'm putting the finishing touches on the Autumn Issue of the Zine.
We have some excellent stamp images to share. A couple technique articles are included complete with examples and photos. And we've got some interesting background stories on some stamps carved for Alaska!

This Labor Day weekend, I will be "working" on finishing up the final draft, finishing off the LTCs (that I owe from the last issue as well!), and hopefully, thinking up some ideas for the next issue!

Don't forget that we are always accepting ideas and submissions! We like to have a theme for each issue and the Winter Issue's theme is Cool Refreshment.(Deadline: Novemeber 23) But since we have not chosen any themes for next year, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to be heard! If you have a theme you'd like to propose, drop us an e-mail or comment right here on our blog. Themes should be pretty general and able to be interpreted in several ways. Take Cool Refreshment for example: It could be icy drinks or a polar bear dip into icy waters! A pitcher of lemonade or a minty peppermint!
So Propose your themes to us! We'd love to hear what YOU want to see!!