Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Inbox

I was delighted to see some submissions in our inbox for the next issue: A Good Book! Please send in more! Books are popular themes in letterboxing and I'd love to have a variety of genres represented. Stamps of book covers or characters or just an interpretation of the title. Send a submission and get a FREE copy of the Zine! (If you have a current subscription, we add an extra issue to your subscription run.) For submission details, see our link on the left. Want to subscribe? Info on left as well...we take Paypal but if you want to send a check, just mark that box and jackbear will get in contact with you to provide an address.

One thing I didn't see in our Inbox was any guesses to the Autumn Whodunit in our most current issue. Deadlines for guesses are November 1. If you get down to the wire and don't know how to figure it out, take a guess! All the suspects are listed and you've got a 1 in 9 chance to get it right, right? BUT if you are struggling with it, here's a hint or two:
1. Some clues are in code. (I think they are pretty straightforward simple type codes. Just remember I'm lazy and don't like to think too hard.)
2. Clues may not be the suspects name but rather a description of their job or claim to fame.
3. There are 8 clues hidden in the issue and the one suspect not mentioned is the Murderer. That's the name you need to provide to us here at the LetterPost.
4. There are no clues hidden on the covers.

I may drop another hint or two as the deadline rolls around. Be sure to e-mail us your guess. Don't respond by commenting here.
Remember, I'm giving away a prize for the first one with a correct guess and a prize drawing for the rest of the correct guesses.

While I'm at the Inbox, feel free to suggest some themes for next year, if you have any. We love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks, Wyvern