Sunday, December 11, 2011

In the Mail

Thanks to some excellent help, the LetterPost will be in the mail on Monday.

This is Aussie, the editoral cat.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the issue. I also put on your envelope a small warning of expiring subscriptions. If you don't see a note on your envelope, you're in the clear for another issue or two. I hope you consider renewing your subscription. I think the themes for next year will be exciting and I hope we can expand our subscribers.
Happy Holidays!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Next Issue Due out Soon

I'm putting the finishing touches on the Autumn Issue of the Zine.
We have some excellent stamp images to share. A couple technique articles are included complete with examples and photos. And we've got some interesting background stories on some stamps carved for Alaska!

This Labor Day weekend, I will be "working" on finishing up the final draft, finishing off the LTCs (that I owe from the last issue as well!), and hopefully, thinking up some ideas for the next issue!

Don't forget that we are always accepting ideas and submissions! We like to have a theme for each issue and the Winter Issue's theme is Cool Refreshment.(Deadline: Novemeber 23) But since we have not chosen any themes for next year, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to be heard! If you have a theme you'd like to propose, drop us an e-mail or comment right here on our blog. Themes should be pretty general and able to be interpreted in several ways. Take Cool Refreshment for example: It could be icy drinks or a polar bear dip into icy waters! A pitcher of lemonade or a minty peppermint!
So Propose your themes to us! We'd love to hear what YOU want to see!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Disguise: Deadline August 25

It's never too early to start thinking about the next issue of the LetterPost!

The next issue's theme is "In Disguise". Deadline for submissions is August 25.

This is just a heads-up to anyone who would like to contribute. We'd really love to have photos to add to our issue. If you're working on the Carve This! Challenge, we'd love to share what you've done with others. I'll be working on mine in a couple weeks, hopefully! So be sure to take some photos of what you've accomplished and pass them along to us!

Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A couple Ooopsys!

The 2nd issue of the LetterPost should be in your hands. If you have a subscription and don't have a copy of the Pests! issue yet, please e-mail me. HERE'S WHY:
We had a minor glitch with our spreadsheet and some addresses were printed incorrectly. The zip codes that started with a ZERO lost the zero and I didn't notice the slip up until they were all in the mail. SOOO, if you're zip code starts with a zero and you haven't gotten your LetterPost, let me know and I'll ship another one ASAP. OUR DEEPEST APOLOGIES FOR THIS OVERSIGHT!!!

Also: To Our Canadian Friends: I haven't mailed your issues since your Post went on strike. I didn't want them to end up lost somewhere. I still have the copies and if this isn't resolved soon, I'll find some way to get them to you.

The Morse Code chart was printed out as a jpeg file and the 4 points at the top didn't copy very well. Sorry about that! But here's what it says at the top of that Morse Code insert.
1. A dash is equal to three dots.
2. The space between parts of the same letter is equal to one dot.
3. The space between two letters is equal to three dots.
4. The space between two words is equal to seven dots.

Hope that helps! Thanks for everyone's patience with our ongoing issues! We'll keep working on getting the "bugs" out soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Issue: Pests!

All subscriptions have gone out. If anyone who has a yearly subscription with us does not receive their copy in the coming week, please drop me a note. To anyone that submitted a picture to us, I still owe you an LTC. I will be mailing them out later. ( soon as I get them finished!)

I just wanted to post this little teaser with a bit of an explanation. I used the Nazi Tick image in the LetterPost issue. I mean no offense to anyone, it was merely part of the Conspiracy Theory that I had selected for this swap. The Plum Island Conspiracy revolves around the Laboratory that may have released Lyme Disease onto the East Coast. The lab was supposedly founded by a former Nazi scientist who had a fascination with ticks. So I just wanted to distinguish this particular tick as having come from the lab. My plan is to now remove the swastika from the carving but I just didn't remove it before I had scanned it into my computer.

I have a few copies of this LTC still if anyone is interested in trading for it! I realize it's pretty specialized with a "controversial" symbol on it so I'd rather do individual trades rather than send it into some Grab Bag swap.

Anyway, the LetterPost is on the way, officially. Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the LetterPost Summer Issue soon to be in your mailbox

The LetterPost Summer Issue: Pests is coming soon to a mailbox near you!
I have it all done up and am just waiting to have it copied. It will be heading out by the end of the week!

I've upgraded a few things and I hope you like the improvements!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deadline Approacheth

The deadline for our Summer Issue: Pests! is approaching. If you've been thinking of sending us a stamp image, LTC image, or a few photos of that Postal LB that is dwelling in one of those pesky black holes, don't wait any longer! Our deadline is May 26th and it's firm!

I sure could use a few more photos of stamp images to round off the back cover! All skill levels are welcome...don't make me subject you all to another one of my crappy images. :) Though I do have a stamp that isn't too bad...guess, you will all have to wait to see it. Unless you already have a copy of my Plum Island Conspiracy Card!

I'd also love to have a Trailname Defined. If you've got a cool trailname (and who doesn't?!), just drop us an e-mail as to how you came by it. Was it a nickname from childhood? A combination of family names? A random draw out of a hat? Or just something that reflects the inside self of you? Let us know. If we use it, it's worth a free issue!

As a teaser, we have a Quarterly Carver interview lined up, a Carve This! Challenge, and a brief history of postal black holes. We may have room for a How-To article but I'm not promising anything yet.

As always, we'd love to have your suggestions. So just drop us an e-mail at at anytime.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking Ahead to our Summer Issue

I've learned a lot from our first issue and hope that our next issue will be even better!
Our Summer Issue's theme is Pests. You heard right, Pests! So what stamp images do you have to fit that theme? Maybe you've got some bugs lying around, or some snakes under your bed, maybe a spider or two hanging out in your attic. Rats, seagulls, pigeons...oh my! Or think about stretching the envelope...maybe your little brother is just the definition of a pest! (I know mine used to be, huh, jackbear!)
Here's a little more information to get your imagination turning.

Pests are by definition
1. an annoying or troublesome person, animal, or thing; nuisance.
2. an insect or other small animal that harms or destroys garden plants, trees, etc.
3. a deadly epidemic disease, especially a plague; pestilence.

A troublesome thing? A slow computer used to be a downright pest for me!
A small animal that harms garden plants? The best way I've found to get rid of moles is to get a cat!
A deadly plague? They didn't call it the Black Death for nothing!

If you've got a good image or idea, just drop it in an e-mail to us. I've received a couple already and they look great! If you don't have a means of scanning an image into the computer or you don't have a digital camera, just send me the image stamped on an index card and drop it in the mail to me. We'll see what we can do for ya! By all means, tell us a bit about the stamp, if you like.

Not just stamp images but entire LTCs or Postal Letterboxes. We always love to see original, funky, fantastic logbooks, too! (whether or not they are attached to a Postal)

PLEASE be sure to check out the Submissions guidelines before sending us anything. Just click on that link on the left and all your info should be there including deadlines and information to include with your submission. As usual, those who contribute an image that is used in the issue will receive a free copy of the issue AND a special edition LTC. Those who contribute a written article or peice will receive a free copy of the issue in which it appears. 

I look forward to seeing your artwork and hearing from you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mailing Update

Just a note to let people know that the LetterPost mailings will be completed on Friday. I had a bit of a delay with weather on a day so I do apologize.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the issue so if you'd like to post your comments right here on the blog, we'd appreciate it. Or send us something at our e-mail, if you'd like it to be "just between us". Jackbear and I also frequent the Atlas Quest site and I'm part of the LTC group on Facebook.

All the copies I had printed (except the two that I stapled together pretty badly) are spoken for but if anyone still wants a copy of Issue 1: Evergreen; I can print them out on my computer and get it in the mail pretty quickly. I'm going to shut that offer off on March 31 so if you want this issue that's the deadline for getting subscription info and payment to us. After that, we'll keep track of requests and perhaps do a second printing (no hand-stamping!) if there is enough interest.

Thanks for your patience! The LetterPost is in the mail!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Issue Soon!

I got the copies back from the printer and will be putting together issues this weekend for mailing out on Monday. Hopefully, my wrist won't be too sore from hand-stamping all those issues so all will be in the mail early next week! :) Those who contributed images will also have an Evergreen LetterPost LTC in their envelope!

It looks pretty good overall but lots of room for improvement! And each issue will get better, promise!

Just one minor flub: one of the stamp images on the back cover didn't copy well. Whether it was a glitch on my end or the printer's, I'm not sure. I thought I had fixed it before sending the digital file but apparently not all was perfect. So I apologize to Camp Fire Lady whose image did not print out. I'm very sorry but I just did not want to "waste" all that paper to have the cover reprinted for an error that was more than likely mine. I think I got manipulating images and forgot what exactly I had done to it. Still, it looked okay on the computer screen; it just didn't make it to the printer! I'm learning...
So to make it up, I am posting that image here on the blog as sort of a preview.

The above image is of Leaf Me Alone and Leaf It Be both by Camp Fire Lady. So sorry for my mistake on the Issue, but maybe if we become a cult classic or something, it will make this issue of even greater value! :)

As always we happily accept your suggestions for improvement or any ideas you have for future themes. Our next three issues are set for themes so just check under the Submissions heading at the left to see if you might have an image you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support and patience!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Introductory Offer

Issue #1 will begin mailing in the beginning of March.  We are excited to offer a special treat to our inaugural subscribers.

If you sign up for a year's subscription before March 1, we will send you Issue #1 with a hand stamped cover.  We have carved a stamp for our title logo, which we will stamp on each issue for those who choose to take the plunge for a year of LetterPost fun.

Issue #1 will be featuring the theme EVERGREEN, in many interpretations of the word.  We have received and are still collecting amazing stamp, logbooks, and LTC images.  We hope you will come along with us on our journey into the creative and artistic aspects of letterboxing.

To subscribe, fill out our subscription form.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Call for Submissions

We are currently looking for submissions for our very first issue on the theme of EVERGREEN. Loose interpretations are welcome. We would like pictures of stamp images but also pictures of completed LTCs (those you have done unless you have permission to share from the creator) and any fancy logbooks you may have made for either postals or traditionals. When submitting, please include any title for the piece whether it's the name of the stamp or the box or the LTC/postal swap.

We've already received a few wonderful images but we can always use more. Show us the photos!! If any of you are like me (Wyvern), you understand things better when you have a visual image. Rather than explaining how something looks, we want to show you. We really want to showcase people's creativity and their skills whether it be stamp carving or paper crafting. Kid's carves are also perfectly welcome if they fit our theme.

As well, we're interested in a Trailname explanation. If you have an interesting trailname (or one with a story behind it), we'd like to hear about it. Just a brief paragraph to share with fellow letterboxers. After all, choosing a trailname that suits you, it quite a creative endeavor as well!

As always if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see in future issues, we're interested in hearing from you. Comments are welcome here at the LetterPost blog or at our e-mail address:

We always offer a FREE copy of the LetterPost to contributing artists and a special edition LTC to those who send us photos to share. Our deadline for the Premiere Issue is Feb. 24, 2011.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our First Issue

Jackbear and I have been exchanging all kinds of e-mails trying to get it all together. We are making great progress to the release of our first issue of the Letterpost! Jackbear has been working hard to set up our e-mail, blog, and financials. I've been busy trying to figure our submissions and I'm currently knocking on e-mails to find a few submissions.

You can click on the left to see Subscription info and Submission info. Wonder what we're looking for? Head for the About Us page to see what we might like. The LetterPost will be published quarterly as a Spring Issue (March, April, May), Summer Issue (June, July, August), Autumn Issue (Sept., Oct., Nov.), and a Winter Issue (Dec., Jan., Feb.). Our deadlines will be toward the end of the month before the next issue is due out but we accept submissions at anytime at our e-mail address.

Every issue of the LetterPost will have a theme. We'd like all the stamp images we use to revolve around that theme somehow. Loose interpretations are welcome! Most of our articles will relate to that theme where applicable. This is a Zine, a very small microcosm of information about the creative aspects of the letterboxing hobby so we want to focus our limited space on stamp images and pictures.

For that reason, we do charge for our issues. We aren't looking to make a profit but we do need to cover expenses as color copying is not cheap. For now, we are only looking at doing perhaps a page or two as color so black and white stamp images would be very welcome! We offer a free copy of the Zine for those who contribute as well as an oppurtunity to gain a special LTC for those stamp images we select.

Our current theme is EVERGREEN. That can be interpreted many ways; from pine trees to recycling. See our Submissions page for deadlines and future issue themes.

I'm very excited to get down to the business of putting a final product together and hope that many of you letterboxers find the LetterPost to be an exciting addition to your mailbox!