Sunday, September 16, 2012

Issue #7 Mystery

I'm so relieved to finally have this issue completed! I don't know how the time got away from me and this Mystery just screwed up my brain cells. But it looks pretty fine, if I do say so myself. So I hope the delay will be worth it!

There is a mystery to solve within the pages so be sure to stay sharp. Those who e-mail us a correct Suspect by the deadline will be entered into a prize drawing. I'll draw two names and each will get a FREE Subscription to the LetterPost! That means the winners will be all set for another 4 issues! (tacked onto what you may already have) I'm also looking into sending the winners a little something, like carving material, gauges, pre-cut LTCs, bubble mailers, ink pads, etc. So be sure to get working on the mystery and send us your guess! Only one guess per letterboxer so make it count!

The issue is completed and will go to be copied Tuesday. They should all be in the mail by the end of the week, Sept. 21.

Thanks for your patience! Be sure to send us something for the next issue. Issue #8 is A Good Book.

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