Monday, February 6, 2012

Issue #5: Growth

There's still plenty of time to submit a photo imaage for the LetterPost!
Our theme is GROWTH. Green and growing things or how you've grown as a letterboxer. Perhaps, a then and now look like here's the stamp I carved at first and here's how I'm carving now! Stand up, be proud of your carvings. We accept all skill levels! I always need photos! (Let's face it: they are the best part!)Spring flowers or gardening stamps; they fit! A bird on her nest because babies gotta fly away someday after they GROW a bit. Think Spring!

Submit to our e-mail account as jpg files:
Remember to tell me the title of the stamp and your trailname!

So far I have a Quarterly Carver lined up, a Trailname Defined, and a few photos. Remember a photo submission earns you a FREE issue. Keep submitting and you don't ever pay for a copy...really, you won't. Did I mention that we need the material? Just get it to me by the deadline: February 23. (And if you want to check out our upcoming issue themes, they are listed under Submissions on the left. Scroll down to the bottom to see them and their due dates!)

And don't forget that if you do need to renew that subscription, you can click on our Subscription link on the left bar. We accept payment via PayPal but if you want to send us a check that is AOK with us. We only charge for printing costs, envelopes, and postage.

Thanks so much!

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