Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deadline Approacheth

The deadline for our Summer Issue: Pests! is approaching. If you've been thinking of sending us a stamp image, LTC image, or a few photos of that Postal LB that is dwelling in one of those pesky black holes, don't wait any longer! Our deadline is May 26th and it's firm!

I sure could use a few more photos of stamp images to round off the back cover! All skill levels are welcome...don't make me subject you all to another one of my crappy images. :) Though I do have a stamp that isn't too bad...guess, you will all have to wait to see it. Unless you already have a copy of my Plum Island Conspiracy Card!

I'd also love to have a Trailname Defined. If you've got a cool trailname (and who doesn't?!), just drop us an e-mail as to how you came by it. Was it a nickname from childhood? A combination of family names? A random draw out of a hat? Or just something that reflects the inside self of you? Let us know. If we use it, it's worth a free issue!

As a teaser, we have a Quarterly Carver interview lined up, a Carve This! Challenge, and a brief history of postal black holes. We may have room for a How-To article but I'm not promising anything yet.

As always, we'd love to have your suggestions. So just drop us an e-mail at at anytime.