the LetterPost is always accepting submissions. If you think you have a brief, informative or entertaining article for our zine, look over our guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us. If you have a stamp image to share, zoom down a bit to see what we need. (LTCs and postals fall under "stamp image" guidelines.) Submission e-mail:  Please put "Submissions" in your Subject field.

1. Articles must pertain to Letterboxing in the following manners: creative clues, non-traditional forms (postals, LTCs), logbook making/design, stamp carving, or any other creative endeavor. We'd like to have "How-to" articles for more advanced techniques. "How-to" articles should assume a certain knowledge of the subject. EX. We are not looking for basic carving techniques...we are looking for more advanced tips and techniques like using needles or working with a small image.

2. Articles must be brief. We don't put a word count on here because it may vary as to the space we have available per issue. Less is more.

3. Articles must be submitted via e-mail in the body of the e-mail itself (preferred method) or as an attachment that can be opened in either Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.

4. Accepted articles may be edited for brevity. We reserve the right to spell/grammar check. All submissions are subject to editing and review. Preference is shown to those articles that pertain to the THEME.

5. All submissions must have the following info: Trailname, Real name, address, e-mail. If we accept your submission, we'd like to be able to send you a FREE copy of the zine issue in which it appears. If this information is not on your submission, we will not use your article.

1. All stamp images submitted must be copyright free or original pieces of artwork. We are willing to be flexible if the image varies from trademarked or copyrighted material enough to make it distinctly "artwork".

2. All stamp images must be of hand-carved stamps and should fit the THEME of the issue. (See bottom for upcoming themes.)

3. Stamp images may be black/white or color. We strive to put at least one spread of color images within the zine whether it be pages or the cover or both. Single color images will be accepted as black and white.

4. Images must be submitted via e-mail either within the body of the e-mail or as an attachment. Images are accepted as jpg files.

5. We reserve the right to re-size images in order to get as many as possible into every issue.

6. Carver trailnames will appear with image. Make sure each submission has your trailname, real name, address, and e-mail. We'd like to be able to send you a FREE issue of the zine in which your carving appears.

FOR 2013:
Spring Issue: The Little Things
                       Deadline: 2/26/13
Summer Issue: Eventful
                     Deadline: 5/30/13
Autumn Issue: Robotica
                     Deadline: 8/30/13
Winter Issue: LTC Edition 2
                     Deadline: 11/29/13

Submit to:
with "Submissions" in the Subject Field.