Sunday, November 4, 2012

Deadline Moved Back

Keep those submissions coming for the upcoming issue: "A Good Book". Anything dealing with books, authors, characters, book cover art...all that snuggly good, hot cocoa kind of stuff.

I am already putting the deadline for this issue back to Dec 1. I just know my life is gonna be crazy in the upcoming weeks but after the Thanksgiving Holiday, it's sure to quiet down enough for me to devote some quality time to this issue.

So the NEW DEADLINE for the next issue is DEC 1.
Send me photos as well of that logbook you're so proud of! Logbooks are books, too! Share them! Also looking for Trailname Defined, which I haven't included in an issue in a while. Just write up the little story of how you came by your trailname and discovered letterboxing! It's just your little introduction to fellow letterboxers. And include a photo of your signature stamp; it's that easy.

I'll also be including the themes for next year's issues. Jackbear and I had a great brainstorming session about next year's themes. Unfortunately, we brainstormed over lunch on our trip over to Maine for the Steampunk Halloween Event, so I forgot exactly what we talked about over that lunch! I remember two of them pretty well but have totally blanked on the rest. (I really need to put a notepad and pen in my purse!) So if you've got a cool theme idea that lends itself to great stamp images and article ideas, pass it along.

For all the great submissions I've gotten so far, Thanks! I can always use a few more!

BTW: I had no submissions/guesses on the Autumn Mystery so I'll be revealing that answer as well in the issue (if there is room) or on this blog (if there isn't room in the issue).

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  1. We got our LetterPost today. My son and I raced to the mail box hoping to get our stamp from our Secret Santa but this was cool too. Thanks for sending us both a copy :)