Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The last issue of the LetterPost for THIS year has gone into the mail and I hear that they are arriving safely at their destinations. If you got a little blue Post-It note on your Zine or a note on the back of the envelope, you might have received your last issue EVER! So don't forget to Renew your subscription, if you'd like. Once again, you can pay with a credit card through PayPal or you can mail us a check. I am requesting for jackbear's sanity that if you are renewing for another 4 issues, if you could enter the word "Renewal" in the box that asks, "If you've ordered back issues, which ones would you like?" Rather than set up a whole new document, we'll just use that box. (I figure if you're renewing then you aren't getting any back issues...)

A subscription consists of 4 consecutive issues. So whenever you get your renewal note (I do try to send a reminder for anyone who's on their last issue), you can renew and continue to receive the Zine without interruption. If you've submitted material to us, though, you may have extra issues attached to your subscription. If you ever have any questions regarding how many issues you have left, you can e-mail us and we'll be happy to let you know your subscription status.

I will be updating the Submissions page and the Covers page here at the blog, hopefully, before the end of the year. All themes and deadlines will be listed on the Submissions page and all available back issues will be pictured on the Covers page. If you see the SOLD OUT below any cover photos, then that means I am no longer printing that issue. Sorry, you missed it! At some point, I may reprint some interesting stuff from those issues into a "BEST OF" issue but I'm no where near having enough material for that. But it's an idea for the future.

Thanks for your support and patience this past year.
Happy Holidays to everyone and we'll see you next year!

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