Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working it!

I've had an amazing response to the LTC Special Edition of the LetterPost. Always room for more, if you've still got a project you wanted to get in. But I'll be editing up this Special Edition hopefully this Sunday and early next week. My goal is to get it to the copy place by next Friday. Thanks to everyone who's submitted so far. I'm trying to use at least one of everyone's cards that you've sent in. I'm even seeing some submissions that will work for future issues and will save them for later!

Speaking of future issues, don't forget that our regular Autumn Issue has a deadline of August 24th. Yup! The end of August! Send me your Suspects for a Mysterious LetterPost issue. Also looking for a volunteer to do "Trailname Defined"'s easy; just tell me why your trailname is what it is! And don't forget to send a photo of your sig stamp as well. If I've got room, I can always put in more than one! Want to share any mysterious letterboxes? I may be sharing a story about one of my retired mystery boxes; care to join me? I'm planning a few hints and tips about organizing a Night Box series or event as I've been known to do one or two in my area with success. If you've got anything to share on that front, pass it along. jackbear may also be adding in a carving article with tips and tricks for getting those faces to come out "just right".

So hey, the Autumn Issue is setting up to be Jam-packed with goodness! Did I mention the Mystery to be solved? (Prizes may be involved!) I'm almost as excited about this issue as I am about the LTC Edition!!!
(Insert squeal of excitement here!)

Happy Trails!

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