Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Issue #6: Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm working on assembling the Summer Edition of the LetterPost and am shooting to have them in the mail by Friday! Whoopee! Be watching for your copy next week sometime. Be sure to give us your feedback, if you feel moved to do so. Leave a comment here on the blog or shoot us an e-mail. jackbear and I do try to take all your suggestions and comments to heart. We're pretty thick-skinned so feel free to shoot straight. (hmm, I wonder if I'll regret saying that later...) :) I wanted this issue to be a bit bigger than last but I didn't get the number of submissions I would have liked. As well, I got bogged down in my day job (which was unexpected) and wasn't really able to drum up last minute support. I hope to make it up to all our subscribers with a special edition LetterPost this summer dedicated to LTCs. That will, of course, depend on interest. If it does come together, our current subscribers do not need to do anything. I'll ship it to you as a bonus. As always, keep in mind when you carve or create to maybe take a photo or two. I'd love to see what everyone is doing in the letterboxing world. I'd love to share that with our readers as well. The LetterPost is a zine dedicated to the creative side of letterboxing and while non-traditional forms are focused on, unique boxes planted out there in the wild with crazy clues are no less important to the zine. Stories and photos are welcomed at any time for future issues. jackbear and I thank you for your continued support. Wyvern

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