About Us

The editorial staff of the LetterPost can be contacted at: theletterpost@gmail.com

The Letterpost is a letterboxing fanzine that focuses on the creative and non traditional aspects of letterboxing and hand carved stamps, and those who participate in this community. We feel the need to reconnect with the paper, the ink, the artwork that makes Letterboxing a truly enjoyable hobby for the creative mind. This Zine does not focus on the trail, the hike, or the hide. Instead, we focus on the carving, the clue writing, the art of the logbook. We thrive and thrill at the Non-traditional forms of boxing that see us through long cold winters or scorching hot summers, when being inside doesn't mean you can't Letterbox.

If you like the smell of the ink, the feel of the paper, and the rush of a hand-made stamp that turns out just the way you envisioned it, then this is the Zine for you.

Join others in the Letterboxing community who feel the same way.


Jackbear (John Ballou): Jack serves as subscription manager, treasurer, and marketing coordinator.  He has dreamed of working on a zine for a long time, and is excited to see the LetterPost come to life!  He has letterboxed since 2002, and owns an hand carved rubber stamp business called Jackbear Stamps.

Wyvern (Angela Ballou): Wyvern is in charge of submissions and editing. She's excited to begin work on this zine dedicated to her favorite part of Letterboxing: the creative, artful side. Wyvern has been letterboxing since 2004, began postal letterboxing in the fall of 2006, and began making LTCs in the winter of 2007. She loves to work with paper and make her own logbooks.