Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A couple Ooopsys!

The 2nd issue of the LetterPost should be in your hands. If you have a subscription and don't have a copy of the Pests! issue yet, please e-mail me. HERE'S WHY:
We had a minor glitch with our spreadsheet and some addresses were printed incorrectly. The zip codes that started with a ZERO lost the zero and I didn't notice the slip up until they were all in the mail. SOOO, if you're zip code starts with a zero and you haven't gotten your LetterPost, let me know and I'll ship another one ASAP. OUR DEEPEST APOLOGIES FOR THIS OVERSIGHT!!!

Also: To Our Canadian Friends: I haven't mailed your issues since your Post went on strike. I didn't want them to end up lost somewhere. I still have the copies and if this isn't resolved soon, I'll find some way to get them to you.

The Morse Code chart was printed out as a jpeg file and the 4 points at the top didn't copy very well. Sorry about that! But here's what it says at the top of that Morse Code insert.
1. A dash is equal to three dots.
2. The space between parts of the same letter is equal to one dot.
3. The space between two letters is equal to three dots.
4. The space between two words is equal to seven dots.

Hope that helps! Thanks for everyone's patience with our ongoing issues! We'll keep working on getting the "bugs" out soon!

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