Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Issue Soon!

I got the copies back from the printer and will be putting together issues this weekend for mailing out on Monday. Hopefully, my wrist won't be too sore from hand-stamping all those issues so all will be in the mail early next week! :) Those who contributed images will also have an Evergreen LetterPost LTC in their envelope!

It looks pretty good overall but lots of room for improvement! And each issue will get better, promise!

Just one minor flub: one of the stamp images on the back cover didn't copy well. Whether it was a glitch on my end or the printer's, I'm not sure. I thought I had fixed it before sending the digital file but apparently not all was perfect. So I apologize to Camp Fire Lady whose image did not print out. I'm very sorry but I just did not want to "waste" all that paper to have the cover reprinted for an error that was more than likely mine. I think I got manipulating images and forgot what exactly I had done to it. Still, it looked okay on the computer screen; it just didn't make it to the printer! I'm learning...
So to make it up, I am posting that image here on the blog as sort of a preview.

The above image is of Leaf Me Alone and Leaf It Be both by Camp Fire Lady. So sorry for my mistake on the Issue, but maybe if we become a cult classic or something, it will make this issue of even greater value! :)

As always we happily accept your suggestions for improvement or any ideas you have for future themes. Our next three issues are set for themes so just check under the Submissions heading at the left to see if you might have an image you'd like to share.
Thanks for your support and patience!

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  1. Does your print guy/gal now want to learn letterboxing? They couldn't help but read a page or two, now, could they? ;-)