Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our First Issue

Jackbear and I have been exchanging all kinds of e-mails trying to get it all together. We are making great progress to the release of our first issue of the Letterpost! Jackbear has been working hard to set up our e-mail, blog, and financials. I've been busy trying to figure our submissions and I'm currently knocking on e-mails to find a few submissions.

You can click on the left to see Subscription info and Submission info. Wonder what we're looking for? Head for the About Us page to see what we might like. The LetterPost will be published quarterly as a Spring Issue (March, April, May), Summer Issue (June, July, August), Autumn Issue (Sept., Oct., Nov.), and a Winter Issue (Dec., Jan., Feb.). Our deadlines will be toward the end of the month before the next issue is due out but we accept submissions at anytime at our e-mail address.

Every issue of the LetterPost will have a theme. We'd like all the stamp images we use to revolve around that theme somehow. Loose interpretations are welcome! Most of our articles will relate to that theme where applicable. This is a Zine, a very small microcosm of information about the creative aspects of the letterboxing hobby so we want to focus our limited space on stamp images and pictures.

For that reason, we do charge for our issues. We aren't looking to make a profit but we do need to cover expenses as color copying is not cheap. For now, we are only looking at doing perhaps a page or two as color so black and white stamp images would be very welcome! We offer a free copy of the Zine for those who contribute as well as an oppurtunity to gain a special LTC for those stamp images we select.

Our current theme is EVERGREEN. That can be interpreted many ways; from pine trees to recycling. See our Submissions page for deadlines and future issue themes.

I'm very excited to get down to the business of putting a final product together and hope that many of you letterboxers find the LetterPost to be an exciting addition to your mailbox!


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