Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Issue: Pests!

All subscriptions have gone out. If anyone who has a yearly subscription with us does not receive their copy in the coming week, please drop me a note. To anyone that submitted a picture to us, I still owe you an LTC. I will be mailing them out later. ( soon as I get them finished!)

I just wanted to post this little teaser with a bit of an explanation. I used the Nazi Tick image in the LetterPost issue. I mean no offense to anyone, it was merely part of the Conspiracy Theory that I had selected for this swap. The Plum Island Conspiracy revolves around the Laboratory that may have released Lyme Disease onto the East Coast. The lab was supposedly founded by a former Nazi scientist who had a fascination with ticks. So I just wanted to distinguish this particular tick as having come from the lab. My plan is to now remove the swastika from the carving but I just didn't remove it before I had scanned it into my computer.

I have a few copies of this LTC still if anyone is interested in trading for it! I realize it's pretty specialized with a "controversial" symbol on it so I'd rather do individual trades rather than send it into some Grab Bag swap.

Anyway, the LetterPost is on the way, officially. Thanks for your patience!

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  1. This was another great issue, actually better than the last because of the slick cover. I like it, I like it alot! But not just for that. Lots of great information and a contest! Woo Hoo! How neat!

    Question for you, though. On the Morse Code chart, the 4 numbered items are difficult to read. Would it be possible for you to post what that says, or give me the link to see it for myself from where you got it? I looked some but didn't have any luck... It was sort of blurry, and even with my magnifier I was having trouble making it out.

    Thanks for the consideration.....OD