Friday, March 22, 2013


This post is about the new Subscription format. PLEASE READ!

We've decided to start offering the LetterPost on an Issue by Issue basis next year. We are no longer taking subscriptions. Next year, the LetterPost will not have a regular production schedule. Issues will be put together when we have the time, input, and gumption to do so. We are hoping to continue 4 issues per year but we no longer want to make that guarantee. So NEXT YEAR, starting with Issue #13, all issues will be available to purchase through an Etsy site.

Calls for submissions will still go out through the usual channels (FB groups, AQ, this blog)and we will still offer the Free Issue for a submission. This means that if you contribute to the Issue, there will be no need to order it through Etsy as we'll just send you your Free copy. This also means it's important to include your name, mailing address, and trailname with any submissions.

If you don't like ordering on-line, we will still accept checks via mail for payment as well. This will also be on an issue-by-issue basis. We will post the links on all of this when we get everything set up.

This year will be the transition year. We wanted to be sure that people's subscriptions would be up or close to being up before we set up the new purchasing system. Watch your envelope on the LetterPost and if you receive a message that "This is your Last Issue", it means you'll need to convert to the new Issue-By-Issue method of obtaining the LetterPost.

WHAT IF MY SUBSCRIPTION HAS ALREADY RUN OUT? (ie. Issue 9 was my last issue)
We will have the next issue of the LetterPost (Issue #10: Eventful) available for purchase on an Etsy site. So if your subscription is due to be renewed, you will be converting to the Issue-By-Issue system.

We will be charging $4.00 for each issue of the LetterPost which will include the shipping. This cost doesn't make us any money; it covers our expenses for copying, postage, envelopes, and fees for on-line purchasing.

It's become too much stress and anxiety to have a deadline and subscriptions. Life circumstances have changed for both jackbear and myself (Wyvern) and we can't make the firm commitment to get the LetterPost out on a regular schedule anymore. We do LOVE to make the issues and we want to focus on what gets us excited about it. If we focus on that, hopefully, the issues will get better, we'll find more time to do this, and everyone will benefit. We apologize if this becomes an inconvenience to our readers but we felt this was the best way to continue. We can't, in good conscience, take money for products that we might not make.

Links and other information about purchasing individual issues will be forthcoming.
Thanks for your understanding and patience!

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