Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Issue 2013: Eventful

Issue #10 will start mailing out tomorrow! I hope you all enjoy!
If you no longer have a subscription with us, there are a couple ways to continue to get the LetterPost:
1. Purchase the current issue at the esty site. The link is at the left side of this page under "To Purchase the LetterPost". Issues will cost $3.50, shipping included for US customers.
2. Submit a photo or article to the NEXT issue and you'll get your issue for FREE. (This will be super easy for our upcoming Autumn Issue as we are running a contest! Your entry will get you in the contest and a Free Issue!)
3. Don't want to pay on-line? Just drop us a note through our e-mail, theletterpost@gmail.com , requesting the next issue. We'll send you an address where you can send us your check and once we have it, we'll send you out the issue. Easy peasy.

Thanks so much for your support during our conversion time!

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